Hi there and welcome to the website of [Peter Castles].

I’m a theatre maker, singer-songwriter and visual artist.

Go ahead and browse around to discover my art, either by having a look at my works
or listening to my music. Everything you see and hear is original content.

For any requests, bookings, assignments or if you just wanna get in touch, you can find me online or contact me in real life.

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Featured Works

My Work

Theater Maker

In my years of experience as a theater director, playwright, dramaturg, scenographer, choreographer, actor, dancer and drama docent, I contributed to numerous successful PROJECTS, which have been praised both by audiences and critics worldwide. I also create installations and performances.


My PAINTINGS clearly show my fascination for blocks. In my opinion the shape of a cube is one of the least natural ones in the most literal sense of the word, i.e. one does rarely encounter a block in nature without any interference of humans. I use a range of materials, including paint, charcoal, yarn, newspaper, glass,… 


With my MUSIC I try to tell real life stories, which were mostly pulled from my own experiences, however this does not imply that they are autobiographical. I don’t shy away from any topic, whether heartbreak, child abuse or the fundamental loneliness of man. I am currently working on a new album, so stay tuned to find out more very soon!

About Me

My name is Pieter Gyssels (1987) and I create under my artist name [Peter Castles], which came into existence when I was living in the USA where people weren’t able to pronounce nor write my name.

I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, the capital of Europe and a city breathing multiculturalism and art. From an early age onwards I had a natural interest in the arts, which led me to educate myself at various academies in drama, music and the visual arts.

Growing up I was part of numerous art projects and productions ranging from acting over dancing to writing and directing. I also decided to get an academic degree to fuel my inspiration and I traveled extensively to get in touch with different cultures and perspectives.

In the meantime I have been able to create a life as an artist and this website is merely a selection of my own creations. I hope you like what you see and hear! If so, feel free to let me know or share it with your friends…

Love always,
Pieter Gyssels aka [Peter Castles]

Foto Credit: Saskia Vanstichelen


Find me online

...or in real life!

+32 472 23 95 66
Since I am based in Brussels, Belgium, I can easily meet up with you – if you are somewhere in the neighbourhood of course – to talk over any project you might have in mind!

Or just leave me a (love) note ^ ^