Hereunder you find a selection of my paintings. I have created so many that I cannot fit them all on this website, but this will at least give an idea of my style and my inspiration. Happy browsing!

My paintings clearly show my fascination for blocks. In my opinion the shape of a cube is one of the least natural ones in the most literal sense of the word, i.e. one does rarely encounter a block in nature without any interference of humans. I use a wide range of materials, including paint, charcoal, yarn, newspaper, glass,…

All of my works are for sale, so if you would like to be the proud owner of an original painting to hang in your living room, works space or wherever you think my work would be best presented, just shoot me a message!

I am also always looking for new places to exhibit. If you own or know of a great place and you would like to organize an exhibition, please come talk to me. Thanks in advance!

Want me to create something for you?